Don’t Sweat Your Car’s Air Conditioning Problems

Don’t Sweat Your Car’s Air Conditioning Problems

Pull Into Chariot Auto Repair Shop in Toms River, NJ for Air Conditioning Repair & Air Induction Cleanup

Is your vehicle’s air conditioning system acting up? Tired of sticking your head out of the car window in the hope of catching a cooling breeze? Feel the sweet relief of cold air by bringing your car to Chariot Auto Repair for air conditioner service. We’ll check your air conditioning system for leaks, wear and tear and signs of damage. If we find any issues, we’ll address them promptly and restore your AC to full operation.

No matter what is causing your air conditioning system to act up, our ASE-certified mechanics can handle the problem. Call Chariot Auto Repair at 732-288-9444 today to schedule a free service estimate.

Chariot Auto Repair can restore your ride’s air conditioning

Chariot Auto Repair in Toms River, New Jersey has the skilled technicians and specialized equipment needed to diagnose and repair ailing air conditioning systems of all types. During your repair appointment, our knowledgeable technicians will examine all the major components of your AC system, including the:

  • Refrigerant
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion valve

We’ll inspect your air conditioning system thoroughly and make note of any damage or leaks that need to be attended to. Contact Chariot Auto Repair to schedule an appointment, or just drop on in.