Get a Smooth & Comfortable Ride With Auto Maintenance at Chariot Auto Repair

Get a Smooth & Comfortable Ride With Auto Maintenance at Chariot Auto Repair

Auto Suspension Work, Shocks, Wheel Alignment & More in Toms River, NJ

Your shocks and struts are a part of how smooth your vehicle’s ride is. It also supports the weight of your vehicle and keeps the wheels in contact with the road in order to provide a comfortable ride. As part of the suspension system, these parts play an important role in steering, braking power, and stability. This is why it is important to have your vehicle inspected by Chariot Auto Repair. No one is better able to diagnose signs of wear or the need for suspension repair.

When it’s time to invest in new replacement shocks and struts, trust your car to the technicians who know the ins and outs of suspension repair for your specific vehicle.

Know the signs of a troublesome suspension

Chariot Auto Repair in Toms River, New Jersey knows the importance of your ride’s handling and performance. If you suspect any issues with your suspension, schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable service techs. Our team has extensive experience working on suspensions, struts and shocks for vehicles of all types and they know what to look out for. We can help you prevent future problems by pointing out the signs of a failing suspension, including:

  • Leaking oil along the shock body
  • Broken mounts or mounting hardware
  • Worn or missing bushings
  • Excessive vehicle bounce
  • Cupped tire wear
  • Excessive ball joint play

Discuss your suspension needs with a member of our service team today.